When I returned to England – after only 5 weeks away in Valencia – I realised I was more acclimatised to Spain than I thought. Here are some ways you know your brain is switching over to Spanish:

When you’re back in England…

  • Someone bumps you in the queue in a shop and out of your mouth pops: ‘perdon’…
  • And after buying something, you say ‘gracias’ to the cashier.
  • Your affirmative replies are si’ and ‘claro’.
  • You say things like ‘more better’.
  • You’re shocked by the cost of public transport.
  • And shocked by the price of a coffee…
  • But pleasantly surprised by how big the cups of coffee are.
  • You look the wrong way when crossing a street…
  • And are surprised when a street isn’t one-way.
  • You’re confused when shops are open at 4pm…
  • And that shops are open at all on a Sunday.
  • You know the keyboard shortcuts for ñ, ¡ and ¿.
  • Your brain still runs parallel translations of everyday exchanges…
  • And thinks up witty things to say… in Spanish.

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